drug & alcohol treatment center
New Hope Recovery House
823 East Orangeburg Avenue
Modesto, CA 95350

Clinical Evaluation

Recovery Systems/New Hope provides many levels of care for treatment: Detox, Residential, Partial or Day Treatment, and Outpatient. How a person gets into one of our levels of care is through our clinical evaluation at the time of admission. We also perform weekly evaluations by our entire staff team.

Intake Assessment

To schedule an assessment call 209-527-9797, or click on our

to speak with a staff now. Our assessment takes about an hour. During this time we collect information from the client as well as family members, when permitted. Our assessment includes a persons history with alcohol and other drugs, their current drinking/using patters, family history, education, employment and social history as well. New Hope's success within the community in part, is based on our assessment and placing a client in the proper level of care. Not all people need the same service. In addition to self-reported history, New Hope Recovery uses various clinical instruments to determine what "isn't being said" as well as an individuals tendencies and understandings.

Intake assessments are subject to confidentiality laws. Clients have the right to have their assessment privately or can include family members participate in the assessment. Ultimately it is up to the person seeking treatment. Collateral or family information can helpful in determining the level of care that a person needs. Information about a client can not be released to anyone without the clients written permission; this includes family members, employers, legal systems, Doctors, etc.

Weekly evaluations

All clients, in all levels of care are evaluated at least weekly by the entire staff team at New Hope Recovery. Evaluations are ongoing for progress in treatment, appropriateness of level of care, clients ability to use the "tools" of recovery, stability of home environment, etc... Major changes in client behavior require adjustment in levels of care either with more structure/support or decreased structure/support.