drug & alcohol treatment center
New Hope Recovery House
823 East Orangeburg Avenue
Modesto, CA 95350

Continuing Care

Continuing care is an essential part of treatment and a person's ability to maintain long term abstinence. Upon completion of any form of treatment, Residential, Day Treatment or Outpatient, folks maintain their recovery in weekly continuing care meetings. Each group is facilitated by one of our staff here at New Hope. All of the information and concepts learned in treatment have a practical application to everyday life. Continuing care is the place where folks get the chance to refresh what they've learned in treatment and apply that to everyday life experiences.

Relapse prevention is a primary focus of New Hope's continuing care program. As with most adult diseases, chemical dependency is a chronic illness. A person that has swollen gums and soreness in their mouth can pretty safely say they have an infected tooth because of the symptoms. Addiction is no different; there are symptoms of relapse prior to a person actually taking a drink or drug. Continuing care assists in assessing those symptoms, when present, and put the brakes on a potential return to alcohol or drug use.

We have two continuing care groups per week: one in the evening and the other mid-morning to accommodate individual work and familial schedules. At New Hope encouragement to follow up is paramount. The concept of following through is like many sports; Tennis, Baseball, Golf, etc., striking the ball is the beginning, following the shot all the way through improves the chances of greater success.