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Day Treatment

Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization is an intermediate level of care. It is outpatient treatment for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Clients transition from Residential Treatment to Day Treatment when appropriate, or start their treatment experience at this level of care.

Groups, lectures, films/DVD's on addiction and recovery, as well as individualized assignments are all part of the services in Day Treatment. Spouses, Partners, and family members are encouraged to participate in designated family group time(s) during and after clients are in Day Treatment.

Relapse prevention planning, stress management, learning to manage feelings and emotions are all introduced in Day Treatment. Personal case managers along with clients and their families monitor changes and adjust treatment plans during the course of treatment. Day Treatment varies with each individual in terms of length of stay.

Having a stable living environment, a willingness to be open, and being motivated to change are important factors to be in this level of care.