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Family Program

Addiction/Chemical Dependency is a family issue. All diseases create family issues. If someone in the family has a heart attack the whole family is effected, rallies to help, goes to the hospital, helps with the routines for the children. Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency is the same; however, it's usually been going on for months, if not years. That kind of stress is not something that will go away when a family member seeks treatment. New Hopes' family program primary focus is to educate and assist family members in dealing with the disease of addiction/alcoholism. Our family program is designed to identify behaviors and patterns associated with the disease of addiction. New Hope creates an atmosphere of "healing" family issues in a compassionate and empathic manner.


Often over months and years of broken promises and failed commitments family members have huge issues with trust. Expecting that trust to return after a short period of treatment is unreasonable. New Hope's family program helps with building a new foundation for trust in the future. Without this foundation, old issues, myths, and patterns of behavior will persist. If you're a family member with this experience you have suffered long enough, it's time to find some relief, despite what your loved one may do.


Months or years of addiction often leaves family members with mountains of hurt and resentment. These types of feelings left unresolved and often lead to physical ailments. The mind and body are connected, one impacts the other, constipation, migraine headaches, stomach problems, sleep problems are all part of these unresolved feelings. New Hope's family program provides an outlet and assistance with managing feelings and emotions.

Myths and Denial

Clients in treatment learn about addiction/alcoholism, self-defeating patterns of behavior, dysfunctional relationships and manipulations associated with a lifestyle of using. Family members are invited to learn about these same things to assist in understanding their role in recovery. Yes, we do teach about codependency; however it's not the only issue there is to deal with. Remember, as a family member there are patterns of behavior that have become practically automatic in response to active addiction. Understanding these patters of behavior and, in the least case, have the awareness to make a choice is essential to familial health.

New Hope's family program is twice per week. The opportunity to find out your experience is not singular to you. Finding out "you are not alone" is healing within itself. Family program meets on one weekday evening and one weekend day. Our staff is also available for family phone calls, questions and support as well. At New Hope our hearts are open and empathetic toward family members. All we ask is you open yourself to being supported.