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Our online treatment program, Restore, is easy to access and can be done from your home. Basically clients sign up for the program, pick the hours that work for you and start treatment. Our online Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is both group and individual counseling performed via the internet. Clients can access our HIPPA complaint video on their phone, laptop or device.

Clients begin with an initial interview or assessment. During that confidential interview our staff will get a sense of what your needs are. We’ll establish a plan based on those needs and get started with the program. IOP group meetings are typically 3 times per week for three hours each group. Individual sessions are generally one hour.

During sessions clients learn about addiction, stress management, family systems/dynamics, coping skills, and relapse prevention to name a few. Common misunderstandings such as “why can’t I just stop drinking/using” are addressed. Job related stress, financial stress and relationship difficulties are also dealt with during sessions. Sessions aren’t the only work clients do; there are assignments and work being done between meetings. Recovering from addiction is no different than any other illness or condition; it requires effort on the part of the client.

Family Program

Family or significant others are encouraged to be involved in treatment. Our weekly family program assists in healing wounds caused by addiction as well as understanding the nature of addiction. Individual family sessions are scheduled as needed.

Continuing care

Following treatment clients are encouraged to attend continuing care groups to receive support in transition from treatment. Getting to know people within your community who are supportive in your recovery efforts can be challenging. There are many groups within your community to assist in the recovery process.

Give yourself the opportunity to health the pain and confusion within your life and restore some peace. Restore is a system that can get you there. Remember “the only wasted effort is the one not tried”.

Session Payment

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