drug & alcohol treatment center
New Hope Recovery House
823 East Orangeburg Avenue
Modesto, CA 95350

Our History

Recovery Systems Associates was established in Modesto, CA in 1988 as an outpatient relapse prevention/treatment program. The outpatient program was modeled after groundbreaking work in the addiction field done by Terry Gorski, Merlene Miller and Stephanie Brown. The residential portion of treatment “New Hope” was established in 1989 as a men’s recovery home here in Modesto. By June of 1990 New Hope Recovery moved to a new location and became a coed treatment program. In December 2002, both Recovery Systems and New Hope Recovery moved to our current location on Orangeburg Ave. in Modesto, California.

Initially New Hope Recovery was licensed under the State of California Community Care Licensing program. By 1990 licensing was moved to the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and we have maintained our license and certification ever since then.

My experience with treatment and numerous relapses' pushed me to make a difference. In the 1980's no program existed in this area to treat folks with prior recovery efforts. State-of-the-art information was emerging in the addiction treatment field, which was under-utilized. There were people who thought I was crazy for starting a program; however, I knew that no service like this existed. Something greater than myself gave me the inspiration and passion to do something different in the treatment field, to help alcoholics/addicts, and their families. Here we are over 23 years later having made a difference in many lives and continue with the same passion.
  - New Hope Recovery Administrator

Founder, Gene Radino, established Recovery Systems/New Hope because of the need within the community. At the time New Hope Recovery was established, most programs were based in Hospitals and cost prohibitive. Additionally, many clients were restricted in their treatment efforts due to the limits of insurance benefits. We developed a good program, which is cost effective and affordable for many people. With a lot of help from therapists in the community, as well as members of the 12-Step community, New Hope continues to maintain its integrity as a well-established program with integrity.

In addition to the service we have provided over the past 20 plus years, we have consulted for various programs from Fresno, California to Sacramento, California. Modesto Junior College, Memorial Hospital, Emanuel Medical Center, Modesto Psychiatric Center, and many other agencies have received training in relapse prevention and treatment from New Hope Recovery and its staff.

Our reputation in the community for being a highly effective and ethical program within this community speaks for itself. There are Alumni in the community with more than 20 years clean who continue to speak fondly of their experience at New Hope Recovery. We’re confident that your experience will be the same.