drug & alcohol treatment center
New Hope Recovery House
823 East Orangeburg Avenue
Modesto, CA 95350

Residential Treatment

New Hope offers this program as an intensive, yet caring, live-in treatment program which provides the client with a structured, methodical approach to recovery. Because we recognize the delicate nature of this level of care, we place emphasis on compassion and caring, and work towards enhancing the client's self-respect and dignity.

New Hope's residential program includes detox (what is detox) that is 24 hour live-in treatment. Clients are seen by a physician of their choice to safely withdraw from alcohol and/or drugs. The staff at New Hope monitor and assess individual clients in this portion of treatment, typically 3 to 7 days. Following detox clients are in our daily program structure. A typical day includes groups, lectures, films/DVD's on addiction and recovery, as well as outside the facility activities. Folks get up at 7am and typically the end of the day is at 10 pm.

Clients and their personal case manager design a program that best suits the individual client. The symptoms and issues are common with most that are dependent. The various roadblocks to recovery are particular to an individual. Individualizing a program for each person is part of what makes our program so effective. Issues with self-esteem, anxiety, loneliness, anger or irritability, etc., are strong emotional obstacles to ongoing recovery. Giving individuals the tools to deal with these and other kinds of issues is a goal at New Hope.

Relapse prevention is of paramount importance at New Hope. Prior to leaving treatment relapse prevention planning must occur. The development of a support group, trust in those one chooses to confide in, and support in carrying through with what folks have learned is another facet of New Hope's program.

Treatment success is enhanced by the intensive structure of this program and continuous efforts of specially-trained counselors, many of whom are also in recovery. Emphasis is placed on practical life skills that can be applied to every day living in order to insure a meaningful and life-long recovery process.